Enchanted Garden Preschool

A nature-based, Waldorf-inspired preschool

Waldorf-inspired Home-based Preschool

The Enchanted Garden is a nature-based, Waldorf-inspired preschool for 2 1/2 – 5 year olds, that has been operating since 2002. We are located in the Maple Leaf area of North Seattle, close to Northgate, Pinehurst, Wedgewood and Lake City, on a quiet road next to a greenbelt area. We have a huge and beautiful yard and we play outside in all weathers, encouraging the children to actively participate in the seasonal changes they see all around them. Our focus is on imaginative play, immersion in the world of nature, and helping the children to develop a compassionate social life.

Children do not need to be potty trained.

About our outdoors


Our back yard is surrounded by huge big-leaf maples, beloved of birds and squirrels, and features swings, a tire-swing, slides, sandbox, teeter-totter and climber. Tree-stumps and light-weight branches and planks allow for creative building play, and we also have a big area for digging in the dirt.


There is lots of grass for running around, and a little wooden playhouse. The yard is full of traditional cottage-garden flowers, which in turn attract all sorts of pollinators and the spiders who love them! And coming soon – our very own chickens! We spend about an hour and a half outside on most days.


About our indoors


Indoors, our large sunny playroom is full of wooden toys and looks out onto the back garden. In Fall we watch the leaves and maple-seed ‘helicopters’ whirling down to the ground, birds and squirrels gathering seeds and rose-hips, and spiders spinning their webs across the windows. The children learn the names of the birds visiting our bird-feeders and help me re-fill them every week. In spring we watch the world of nature re-awaken as the trees leaf our and flowers emerge, and birds hunt for nesting materials – with a little help from us!


Our songs, stories, and poems reflect the cycle of the seasons in an imaginative, age-appropriate way, and most of the stories and many of the poems are written by myself in response to things we see in the garden (see ‘About me‘) Our crafts and art projects use mostly natural materials, and the children bring me treasures from the garden to add to our nature table. We bake bread together every week (gluten-free and dairy-free diets catered for) and birthday cakes from scratch, as we sing our baking songs!


“Knowing that my daughter looks forward to each day in your preschool and that she will be loved – truly loved – is invaluable.” (Krista)

“You have touched our lives in such a beautiful and loving way. I really feel that my child is seen and noticed in a very real way. ” (Gwen)

Stories on CD

Tales Of Mindy Mousekins
‘The Tales of Mindy Mousekins: Adventures through the Seasons’, stories for 2-5 year olds, written and performed by Jacqueline Houston (teacher at Enchanted Garden), with musical interludes.

Now available on 2 CD’s, ‘Autumn, Winter’ and ‘Spring, Summer’, from Whisperingbogbooks.com (where you can hear a sample of a story), Amazon and selected stores.

For Older Girls. . .

We also run a summer program for older girls who would enjoy spending their days like Laura Ingalls Wilder. For more information:
Pioneer Girl Summer Camp

We hope you will come and join us!